Ventilatori Atex Bergamo | F.T.A. srl


We produce Atex fans in Bergamo creating made to measure solutions

F.T.A. is the company from Bergamo specialised in the creation of Atex fans, operating in the market for more than 15 years and offering a complete service. We have a highly specialised technical office and are able to offer all the consultancy necessary on legislation and safety, 3D design and after-sales service.

Atex fans are specifically produced for positioning in potentially explosive areas, classified by the EN 60079-10 and EN 50281-3 regulations. The danger of explosion comes from gas, vapour, mist or dust.

All Atex fans designed by F.T.A. guarantee spark-free performance and can be used in contact with substances with an ignition point higher than 200°C.

F.T.A. produces the following types of Atex fans in Bergamo:

  • PQ-L ATX Series
  • PV-L ATX Series

These fans are mainly used in systems complying with the ATEX 99/92/CE directives and are built in compliance with directive ATEX 94/9/CE where inflammable gas makes correct air extraction necessary to prevent the risk of explosion; in detail, in ATEX systems certified category 3, area 2, area 2-22 (3G/3GD) and category 2,

area 1 and area 1-21 (2G/2GD) in the respective constructions. The ATEX series of fans is suitable for channelled systems which convey high capacities of air with high prevalence, like battery rooms, chemical and petro-chemical companies etc. and for the transport of air, fumes and gas without abrasive dust. They can also be used for air with a temperature of -20°C to +40°C.