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Atex-legislation blast resistant panels

F.T.A. produce Atex blast resistant panels in Bergamo offering consultancy during design and assistance

Contact F.T.A., the company working in the sector for more than 15 years, for the creation of your Atex blast resistant panels in Bergamo.

Atex blast resistant panels, necessary when there is a shock wave, are safety devices against excess pressure in equipment for the storage or transport of inflammable materials which prevent damage to people or things caused by an explosion in areas with materials containing dust, liquids or mist that generate gas during processing.

They are safety devices that cannot be reused and whose structure does not fragment if there is an explosion. Atex panels open at pre-determined points with the shock wave and enable the pressure to be released through the surface of the open panel.

These Atex blast-resistant panels ensure that the parts at risk of explosion can release the devastating force towards a previously organised area. There are various sectors of use – chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, mechanical etc.

All Atex blast resistant panels are suitably sized according to the conditions of use

The PA series of panels, in AISI 316L, are available in various models for use in areas under pressure or without it with a steel internal support grill. An external flange ensures correct fastening of the panel to the structure where it is fixed and an internal gasket eliminates the leak of air into the environment through the pre-determined cuts in the panel.