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    F.T.A. offers companies an impeccable service in terms of environmental safety. The fume extraction installations it supplies refer to the current CE legislation on the subject and ensure a healthier, safer work environment.
    A healthier place of work also has a greater return in production in addition to creating the essential conditions for the health of the workers. On this point, the European Commission has set firm rules so the use of air filtration and purification installations throughout the whole production process is not a choice but a wise, compulsory step.
    F.T.A. is a leading company in this sector and targets all businesses where there are potential harmful exchanges of air during production, meaning industrial companies, large restaurants, hotels, industrial sheds and all companies with a typical production process that emits a series of altered substances (see examples below) into the air during its work:
    • dust;
    • gas;
    • fumes;
    • vapours.
    These aerial components cause damage to the environment in general, the work environment and those working in it. They are harmful for health.

     How F.T.A. works

    F.T.A. is concerned with the design of fume extraction plants appropriate for all needs.
    Needs change according to the type and place of work where the plant is to be installed. Different types of filtration can be used to extract the dust, for example, the bag filter with mechanical shaking is the most efficient as it is versatile and easy to apply.
    Centralised extraction solutions can be designed with fixed or, if necessary, portable units. Welding fumes require one type of filtration while those of more static work require another type and this is why F.T.A. offers its customers the chance to design made to measure fume extraction systems exclusively for adaptation to specific requirements.
    Naturally, after an initial stage of design and assembly, there is a second one with maintenance in the following years.

    Types of fume extraction plant

    There are different solutions satisfying the requirements and making the work environment safer. Here are some:

    • Suction arms. These arms, also called free-standing, are an excellent solution as they tend to extract welding fumes, those of oil, dust and vapours so they are appropriate for many types of industrial work. Installed in compliance with CE legislation, they remove harmful, polluting substances perfectly from the place of work making the environment safer and healthier.
    • Industrial ventilators. Essential machinery for fume extraction systems. Once an industrial fan is installed, there will be the necessary filtration of the air which will come out completely purified. Depending on the customer’s requirements, transmission drive, or direct rotary blowers can be planned, or axial and helical fans ad, if necessary, an extraction tower. The systems are available in different versions, depending on the type of work environment, some are potentially more at risk than others.
    • Suction benches. This extraction system is widely used when there are vapours and solvents, especially in these specific sectors: welding, polishing, foundries, mechanical engineering and processing of marble or similar. Special benches with true extraction air-holes filter harmful fumes before they are put into circulation so that the respiratory tracts of the workers are not damaged.

    These are just some of the options available.

    Air filtration is essential

    F.T.A. ensures a truly efficient service to keep their work environment healthy for all places of work and mechanical engineering and construction businesspeople, particularly in relation to environmental safety and protection of the workers. There are mechanical purifiers both fixed and mobile, and even those with self-cleaning and automatic cartridges.