THE NEW PURIFIER DEL-20 HAS ARRIVED - Impianti di depurazione dell'aria | F.T.A. SRL


    The new purifier DEL-20 from F.T.A. S.r.l. is available, discover all the features that make it a high-quality product and contact us for more information.

    Size: 400 x 400 x H850 mm
    Weight: 38 kg
    Paint: textured RAL002
    Delivery diam.: 80 flexible hose connection Extraction diam.: 60 flexible hose connection
    Ventilation unit:
    Nominal capacity: Qn 300 m3/hr
    Total pressure: Δt = ~ 1600 mm H2O (1.6 mm bar)
    Installed power: Ni = 1.2 kW
    Fittings:  400 V 3 phase plug with 3 m power cable, with differential pressure switch and display to check filter blockage and hour meter with brushless motors for difficult applications.
    Typical applications: Marking, cutting, rubber stamp incisions, PMMA, synthetics, paper etc. excluding PVC.