Depolveratori industriali Bergamo | F.T.A. srl


We produce industrial dust collectors in Bergamo with the option of modification to customer specifications

F.T.A. has been operating in the sector for more than 15 years, creating industrial dust collectors in Bergamo . We have a highly specialised technical office and are able to offer all the consultancy necessary on legislation and safety, check it out here more about that.

Industrial dust collectors are used for treating air containing very fine dust and are applied in various sectors – paint, thermal cutting, pharmaceutical, food, mineral, nuclear, chemical etc. All the industrial dust collectors produced by F.T.A. in Bergamo guarantee the complete elimination of the suspended dust in the work stations of production areas and have a very high capture rate. They are fitted with a continuous, compressed air inverted cleaning system and can reach operating temperatures of more than 200°C.

In addition to the production of industrial dust collectors, our technical office offer consultancy and 3D design, and also after-sales assistance.