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F.T.A. was founded in 2000 with the aim of producing and supplying filtration units, components and systems for air purification plants and is concerned with air extraction, cleaning and separation. The products can be found in many sectors such as, for example, thermal cutting, paint, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, mineral, mechanical, wood, recycling etc.


FTA keeps constantly updated through the continuous search for innovative technologies, with more and more attention to environmental sustainability and production processes but, in particular, the creation of the new brand and the co-ordinated image in support of a wider-reaching communication plan.


Fta - bracci aspiranti

The suction bench supports the sheet metal plates and removes the fumes arising from the cutting. It is made in strong press-folded and painted steel sheets, and consists of a series of modular units that can be adapted to every construction need of the thermal cutting machine.
When the torch trolley passes, a suction module sited under the torch is mechanically activated. Localised extraction enables a limited mass of air to be extracted, the power used to be contained and adaptation to any requirement, thus ensuring the greatest efficiency during processing. Suction benches can be fitted with optionals on request (special grids, mesh, levelling feet, etc.) for the different work requirements.

Fta - impianti di ventilazione

Processing sheet metal with a thermal cutting machine produces fumes of different compositions that may be harmful to workers’ health. Therefore, the formation of clouds of pollutants in the work area must be prevented, extracting them with suitable ventilation systems and fans, to guarantee the safety of the workers.


Soundproofing cabins are used to reduce the level of sound arising from fans or machinery while operating. Our cabins are made with sound-absorbing panels of various types according to the customer’s requirements.

Fta - impianti di depolverazione

The fumes produced by industrial processing can affect people’s health and safety. For example, in industrial laser cutting systems, the laser processes generate dangerous vapours, gas, particles or aerosol, depending on the type of laser and services. Local and international legislation on health and safety (like COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc.) states that it is the employer’s responsibility to preserve the health, well-being and safety of their employees.
Many types of dust and fumes are extremely dangerous for human health if inhaled. Continuous exposure, even to small amounts of fumes and fine dust, can cause asthma attacks or other respiratory diseases. This is why it is vital to invest in a high-performance fume extraction system.

fta - trasporto pneumatico

For trimmings of paper, cardboard, aluminium, plastic film, glass veils, etc. to be aspirated by coiling and winding machines, cutters and retractors.
Transport takes place after the trimmings have been broken up with a centrifugal fan for scrapping. After the air-material separation, there is disposal on pallets, bale presses, pulpers etc. We supply the individual components up to turnkey installations.
The removal of the waste from the machines creating trimmings enables them to be used better and valorisation of the scrap. After the air-material separation with dynamic (cyclones) or static network separators, the trimmings can be compacted using an auger-press, bale press or recycled in the pulper.